8 Tips For Troubleshooting A Commercial Wi-Fi Network

Wireless Adapter – First make sure that your wireless adapter is turned on and working properly. If you have a wireless adapter PCMICA sure you are using the card is fully pressed. If the wireless card is not connected when you started your laptop you may want to restart your computer for a fresh start. If you are using a laptop, built with a wireless network adapter. What Wireless Network – Check the bottom right hand bar tasks to see if you are connected to a wireless network. Many people are connected to the network without difficulty wire with a weak signal or almost all connectivity. To change your setting of Wi-Fi adapter to infrastructure access points select only if you. Can not connect to wireless access points Rogue

The next important step is to activate the wireless encryption (WEP) to protect your network from unauthorized access. Enter a “passphrase” to be used by your router to generate unique keys for your settings.

To wish to make custom changes, go to http: // and after entering the necessary information, we can make the necessary changes. If problems are encountered, the place to start troubleshooting (in Windows operating systems), network environment and characteristics associated with, such as LAN and TCP / IP.

But as comfortable can have its drawbacks too. In fact, very dangerous. Imagine an alien who is stationed near your house, found your home wireless network and connect to your home wireless network. Now you can use the free internet or abroad can release information from your computer. The stranger with sufficient knowledge and tools can indeed access to any computer that will connect to the network. It may even be you block your computer from the network! Well, that’s bad. You can not your own wireless network !! ??

The Netgear N750 (WNDR4000) is a good buy, but if you spend the extra money, you might be better off with the Netgear N900 (WNDR4500). It only takes about 5 minutes to get to your home network with this router.

Once you open your web browser default gateway the appearance of your wireless router screen for an option that you’ll find the IP address of the 2Wire Wireless Game Adapter lets you down. Once you find your radio in the list, click Show Details to see the IP address.

IP addresses such as,, and are important to identify the physical address or location specific computers. They are generally divided into different categories, so that administrators and users to identify a network size. In addition, classes contain bits which are necessary to determine the host ID and network ID. Apart from this, they are commonly used to determine the total number home subnet of a particular network. Now let’s get to know the various classes.

Most offices and apartments have small private networks Class C. These networks need to communicate with Internet servers. The only logical way for them is to use a gateway / router. Linux routing functionality in the kernel itself, making it the ideal choice for the table that the routing.

Therefore, for example, if you run a business on your wireless network, have sensitive data on your computer, such as credit card information, and a number of users to access the network, you should consider using RADIUS. Since RADIUS services industry is dynamic and fast-growing Internet search using terms like “RADIUS subscription” or “RADIUS service” is probably the best way to find one.